laura HOEM (laurahoe) wrote,
laura HOEM

seems like I'm crazy

My favorite song this week is, I'm 18 with a bullet got my finger on the trigger and I'm gonna pull it. Cant remember the name of the artist. Andy has it on cd. Life is down to not so exactly much. But it is still being lived. I want to dance all night. I have quit smoking pot lately, it is quite a feet. Not sure how that all happened but I am sort of clean. Drank Whisky and puked though. Miss lots of things lately, lately lately. I want a puppy dog. Trying not to think of old smells. Don't know what to think. I fell out of myself today listening to a sappy 70's song. I really wanted to climb out of that day dream and wake up somewhere else. I am not sure where, well I can smell the river there, it is warm like today, I am sitting on a log and my feet are in the water. It smells so mmmm. What to say, I am 18 with a bullet, got my finger obn the trigger and I'm gonna pull it. I haven't been able to dance lately, I need to concentrate on my stomach and close my eyes and know I am a sexy momma and then it comes. I want to swing my skirt around like exotica girl. I want to feel like I am at home again. I want to do lap dances for my man, I like my skirt so much today.
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