laura HOEM (laurahoe) wrote,
laura HOEM


went on a Harley ride, mortorcycle ride, my first, except for a few when I was younger, nothing like this, not a chopper. He went way to fast, passed way to much for being on a highway to the coast. In one turn he drug the kick stand. But I loved it, it takes a lot of control to be a biker bitch, you use alot of stomach muscles, I had to really keep my shit together when he drug the kick stand, if I flipped I could of made him wreck. He is someone who has ridden his whole life though, enough miles to have traveled the whole states, so I was safe, sorta, but I asked the universe to let the wind blow out all the negative energy and clean me out. I feel better. and I got to role around on the couch with Bella and love on her, kiss her sweet mouth. make her squeel like a monkey. LOve me HOEM

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